HS INK 365 Tacky Sublimation Paper Collection for Fabrics and Soft Substrates

Honestly SpINKing INKcredible Tacky Sublimation Paper Sheets & Rolls for Fabric/Textile and Soft Substrates

HS Ink Tacky Sublimation Paper is Heat and Pressure Activated. Once pressed the paper will stick to the fabric and not move once the press is released. (See below for a list of benefits and ideal uses)


  • 2in core
  • 120 GSM
  • Available in 4 Sheet Sizes 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x17, 13 x 19
  • Available in 3 sizes rolls  8.5in x 328 ft, 13in x 328 ft  & 24in x 100ft

  • FULL ink release at temps on average 40 degrees lower (360-365) which makes it ideal for even the Original Cricut Easypress

  • FULL ink release at times 2 times faster then the leading brands (30-45 secs)
  • No bleeding - Eliminating the need of blowout paper
  • Fast Drying when printing from ANY sublimation printer when use Plain Paper / Low Ink Output settings


  • Rolls can be used in ALL Epson Desktop Printers to print up to 47in long (MUST CUT DOWN TO SIZE)
  • Temporary sticks to fabric to prevent ghosting
  • Makes doing All Over/ Full Bleed Shirts easier with less sheets to piece together
  • Great for oversized projects such as long socks, large pillows and blankets mats, and soo much more
  • No need to babysit large orders. Gang your prints on you 47in design area and just print and forget it


 With the technology of HS Sublimation Paper you will be able to print using our recommended Epson print setting of Plain Paper/Bright White set to High or Quality (WindowsPC)/Quality(Mac) Quality Setting; Quite Mode ON, and  - density level. For the best color accuracy we also suggest using Color Controls Adobe RGB. Visit our FB Group and/or YouTube channel for full instructions.