Epson WF 7820, 7840, 7310& EC-C7000 Starter Collection

This collection contains EVERYTHING you need from our site to start sublimating using an Epson Workforce Printer that uses the 812 cartridges. 

For Epson WF 7820, 7840, 7310, and EC-C7000 printers the max print width in tray is 11 in from the Rear Feed you can use paper up to 13in wide. ALL sizes of HS INK Sublimation Paper is compatible with these printers. 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, 13x19, 13x328ft rolls and/or 8.5x328ft rolls. 

ALL Epson Desktop Printers print up to 47.24 in long. With the rolls of sublimation paper you can print longer than the sheets you just have to cut it off the roll and down to the size you need.

CHIP RESETTER: The chips are want control what the printer thinks the ink level is. Think of it like a countdown counter. The chip stores a certain number of prints(Full) and as you print that number goes down until it reaches 0(Empty). The printer does NOT know how much ink is actually in the cartridge.  At this time the chips for these printers are SINGLE USE. Chip Resetter DO NOT work for these printers. You must purchase additional chips to replace as needed

COLOR CHARTS: Sublimation is a unique process and often times the colors on your monitor/screen is not the true color once pressed. We HIGHLY recommend printing and pressing color charts onto polyester or a sub ready hard substrate to see the final colors. You will then enter the colors when designing your graphics.


When converting to sublimation SETUP WITH THE EPSON CARTRIDGES. Once the printer is fully set up and you have verified it is printing via Wi-Fi, do an Ink Cartridge Replacement and put in your FILLED Refillable cartridges the system will do an initializing cycle after the cycle do ONE print head cleaning and you will be ALL SET and ready to sublimate!!