Epson 7840 and 7840 Sublimation Conversion


ANSWER: Yes and no. There is NO official conversation option available in the form of Auto Reset Chips (ARC), CISS or Chipless firmware. However if you order the 802 refillable cartridges with NO chips and take the chips off the Epson cartridges and put on the refillable ones it will work. PLEASE BE AWARE the Epson chips are single use so you will have to keep buying Epson cartridges to take the chips off until Epson 812 ARC are developed. the chip resetters DO NOT WORK on the 812 chips.


A standard size 812 cartridge (C, M, &Y) is $12.99 ($38.99 3 color BUNDLE) plus tax (and shipping if required) Black is $19.99. 4 Color BUNDLE $58.99. If you use the premium presentation matte setting you will get a minimal amount of prints especially if you are printing to the larger size paper. If you use our recommendation of Plain Parer/ Bright White High/Quality (on Macs) you will get more prints out of the standard cartridges

The 812 XL cartridge gives you 3x more prints than the standard cartridge. The 812XL cost $29.49 each (C, M, Y) XL Black $39.99. XL Black Standard C,M,Y BUNDLE $78.95. If use on Plain Paper High/Quality (for Mac) this the XL option would mean less orders for new cartridges.

These printers are DuraBrite Ultra Ink printers therefore our ink is compatible with it and will not require any additional print profile. You can purchase your empty 812/802 cartridges here and your ink  here